I Tried Blue Cheese Ice Cream?!

Happy Spring Break everyone. I hope you tried a new type of cheese this week while lounging on your beach chair in Cabo, or at least enjoyed some poolside nachos. I spent my week in Olympia, Washington so I am not returning with any sort of sun-kissed glow, but I did expand my cheese horizons to a new dimension. Today I’ll be reviewing blue cheese ice cream from my day trip in Portland.

I know even the most dedicated cheese lovers are probably cringing at the thought of this. Hold your vomit and let me explain. My friends and I stumbled upon this ice cream shop (in the pouring rain) that had an insanely long line around the corner. Intrigued and looking for an excuse to eat dessert before dinner, we gave it a shot. After looking at the flavor list, it was apparent this was a unique sort of ice cream shop — the kind that has four elite locations in big cities and probably got featured on a TLC cooking show back in the day. The menu included the flavors Chocolate Caramel Potato Chip Cupcake and Olive Oil, so if you’re looking for a French Vanilla you’d have better luck at Arby’s. My very hipster friend told me all the hipsters here like hipster ice cream flavors, so I purchased this seven dollar cone of shame to consider myself cultured. Though tempted to stay in my comfort zone and order some sort of chocolate fudge nonsense, I followed my natural instincts and went for the blue cheese.

The actual flavor is called Pear & Blue Cheese, so excuse my clickbait. The base was a creamy pear with little chunks of fruit (see picture below). The blue cheese element acted as more of an accessory than a partner in crime, but played a crucial role in ‘fruit and cheese platter in Paris’ palate. Though I expected the blue cheese to headline this ice cream, the teeny crumbles of cheese hiding in the smooth pear added a tang that made my taste buds dance. I was disappointed that they didn’t make a blue cheese base to shock the masses, but I think even Portland weirdos would have passed on that one.

I would give this ice cream a 6/10 based solely on the flavor. Splurge on the home-made waffle cone and it’s a 7/10. Thinking about how some high school freshman woke up at 6am to go to her minimum wage job to churn out some blue cheese ice cream that only two people ended up buying that day, I’d give it an 8/10.

Give this flavor a try if you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone a little and want to become a more sophisticated cheese lover. Or just stick to Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie and save a plane ticket to Portland.

Gouda night!



3 thoughts on “I Tried Blue Cheese Ice Cream?!

  1. I absolutely love all of the weird and unique dessert shops larger cities have. It’s super awesome that you found an ice cream that included cheese in it and had the stomach to try it, I would never be able try a flavor like that! 🙂


  2. Wow, I can’t believe that you actually convinced me to want to try this ice cream flavor in your post. It sounds so weird but from the way you described it I’m actually really interested and would definitely order it if I ever end up in Portland. I really like your writing style by the way, it is a great combination of personal story-telling and well thought-out opinion/review.


  3. Who knew this was an ice cream flavor?! I would totally try this unique ice cream thanks to your review. I would expect more of blue cheese punch to the mouth but they probably played it safe since it is such a unique flavor. I’m glad I came across your blog and appreciate your focus… cheese! I’m a cheese lover myself so I’m excited to see what more you have to say!


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