Key Lime Cheesecake: a True Awakening

Up until last Friday, I had been living my life as a closed-minded chocolate lover. I always believed that cheese is something that couldn’t be incorporated into the dessert genre. Cheese is a savory food, chocolate is a sweet food. That is the hardheaded mentality that has plagued my dessert palate for the past twenty years. However, this all changed when I tried Cheesecake Factory’s key lime cheesecake, which started a new chapter of my life.

A much nicer photo of CF’s key lime pie cheesecake via Google Images

I’d like to devote (1/2) of this week’s posts to honor and review this magnificent dessert. I’m ashamed to admit this — I have never tried cheesecake until this past weekend. For someone whose thoughts are 65% cheese related, I’m slightly appalled at myself for this shameful secret. There are people I know who would die for cheesecake, people who are cheesecake connoisseurs, and I’ve ignored them all until now. As a cheese lover, cheesecake is a bandwagon that I wanted to hop on, and I now ride it with 0 regrets.

Of course, this dessert is reminiscent of a classic key lime pie, but the cheesecake element took this general idea and elevated it to the next level. I knew cheese could do a lot of things, but I was utterly impressed at the effect it had on this dessert. What stood out to me the most was the duality of the tangy key lime paired with the soft, rich cream cheese base. These two flavors were impeccably paired and neither overpowered the other or clashed in any way. This phenomenal new flavor that was created, mixed with a spoonful of rich whipped cream and a bit of graham cracker crust, was absolutely heavenly. I may have transcended on to another planet for a second… or maybe I was blacking out from a food coma.

I have a lot of feelings. First, I would like to thank the Cheesecake Factory for this enlightening experience. It was the highlight of my week. If someone from CF ever sees this post (they won’t) I would love to work in collaboration with your restaurant chain as a Cheesecake Taster and Promoter. Though I love being a journalism student, testing cheesecake flavors sounds like a more fulfilling career path. Consider this blog post my formal application.

Second, I don’t think any other brand of cheesecake could compare to Cheesecake Factory’s. So screw you guys for giving me high standards and  the food coma. I fell asleep at 10pm and I blame the whipped cream. But that is aside from the point, and I can assure you that my joy for this slice of cheesecake is something that I haven’t felt for a lot of things in my life thus far.  This experience taught me a valuable lesson: it’s not all about the chocolate. Don’t underestimate a good slice of cheesecake, and with this one you have to go to the place where they know it best. PLEASE go to Cheesecake Factory and order this flavor, it is guaranteed to change your life (and your sleep schedule) for the better!


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