Do you find yourself sneaking off to the kitchen for a cheesestick at 3am? Do you wish your restaurant server would shred parmesan over your entree for an infinite amount of time? If the answer is yes, you can call yourself a certified cheese lover, and this blog is for you.

My name is Sam and I have been a food lover and cheese fanatic ever since I learned how to cook Kraft mac and cheese on my own. Something about the way a package of powdered cheese transformed into a delicious meal enlightened me, and choosing between the Star Wars theme or original was something I gave more thought than the average kid. Would a lightsaber shaped noodle take away from the sharp cheddar flavor or add to it? Would a Darth Vader shape steal the show and leave the taste buds longing for more cheese? Were both of these just a sick advertising ploy to get me to see the new Star Wars movie?

The rest was history. I found refuge in the cheese isle of Safeway, enthralled by the colors, shapes and sizes of the cheeses. I felt like Charlie walking into the chocolate factory for the first time, but everything cost money and the closest thing to singing oompaloompas were screaming children an aisle away. I soon realized that if I saved up enough I could splurge on the fancy cheeses in the front of the the store — a tempting array of wedges with French names I would probably get stared at for trying to pronounce. They were priced by weight, fully stocked, and only purchased by elites. I was in awe of this lifestyle.

With less than twenty dollars in my bank account, I didn’t want to take the financial risk. I began to to walk back to the packaged cheese aisle until something caught my eye. A bright display of moderately priced goat cheeses shined ahead of me, stopping me in my path to the register. The image above showed delectable looking salad and pasta dishes sprinkled with goat cheese that looked  easy to make and as delicious as anything that came from a goat could be. A happy family sat on the field eating the goat cheese garnished dishes and looked like maybe they weren’t eating it against their will.  I decided to give it a try. Little did I know I was about to change my life.

Once you get over the whole goat thing, you will realize this is quite the versatile cheese. With an exquisite sharp, creamy taste and a texture that will melt in your mouth, it lived up to all of my expectations and more. I tied the knot early on. My salads and spaghetti had the glo-up of their lives. If I knew how to use an oven I’m sure it would have been even more extraordinary. Far behind me were the days of Kraft, and ahead was a journey of goat cheese a la carte. This is my journey.