Trying to step up your snack game? Not into vegetables? Perfect. Below are a few easy-to-make cheese-y creations that are perfect for college students or anyone else that still doesn’t really know how to turn on an oven. Enjoy!

  1.  COUCH TRAIL MIX: Introducing your new favorite snack. If you like the idea of trail mix but don’t like going outside, this one is the perfect for sitting in bed and binge watching Netflix. Who needs nuts and cranberries when Cheez-It just came out with Hot & Spicy Grooves?


  • 3 CUP wheat Chex cereal for a base
  • 1 CUP Annie’s all-natural cheddar bunnies
  • 1 CUP white cheddar Cheez-Its (whole box if you’re binge watching a show)
  • 1 CUP Doritos (oven-baked if you’re like, on a diet)
  • 2 CUP parmesan Goldfish (Optional: 1 CUP whole-grain colored Goldfish to feed your facade of being healthy)

2.   KRAFT MAC SQUARED: No oven required for this one, just a box of Kraft (or Annie’s!) mac & cheese and some extra ingredients to channel your inner chef.

How to amplify your boxed mac & cheese:  giphy-3

Meat Lovers: Add a 2 cups bacon crumbles, 1 cup pepperoni bits or sausage crumbles. Top it off with some mozzarella (or red sauce of you’re into that) to create a pizza-inspired flavor.

Veggie or Die: Feeling bad about a mac & cheese dinner again? No worries, step up your eating habits and cooking skills by adding a few simple veggies.  2-3 tbsp of mushrooms, broccoli, and diced tomatoes (each) should do the trick. Top it off with some breadcrumbs and a tiny mint leaf and you’re basically eating a salad!

Vegetarian Spicy Mac: If you always add an extra swig of Tabasco to your mac, this one is for you. Add 1/2 cup of jalapeños, 1/2 cup of banana peppers (or onion), and 1 cup of jalapeno crisps. Don’t forget the Sriracha.

Extra Cheese Please: I think we can all agree there can never be too much cheese. If you’ve mastered the art of adding shredded cheese on top of your mac, try something new with some blue cheese or feta crumbles. The sharpness will pair perfectly with the cheddar and may even overpower the powdered cheese taste. Add some diced chicken breast for extra protein.


Check out this Buzzfeed video for more ideas!