Beyond the Grocery Store


Want to know more about the history of your favorite cheeses? Click here to take a journey around the globe from Wisconsin to Japan.

Designer’s Statement:

AUDIENCE/PURPOSE/CONTEXT: The purpose of my the slideshow is to provide an interactive presentation about the history about cheese across the world. The ten slides describe the most common types of cheeses relative to their unique country of origin and provide history and interesting facts about each kind. The presentation includes images with recipes, historical figures, or images that add context to each slide. The intended audience for my project is any food lovers/cheese lovers, though I believe any age group could find this presentation appealing. StoryMap is a relatively modern form of presentation, similar to Prezi, which is probably most applicable to this age group and more visually stimulating than a simple Powerpoint. The context that I am assuming for the audience of my project is that they should be interested in food, the production of cheese, and the history of cheese in order to understand this project’s purpose. My audience should be able to navigate a basic slideshow presentation, with slight knowledge of the KnightLab StoryMap format.

MODE/MEDIUM: I chose to create a StoryMap using the KnightLab software because it is an easy and effective mode of presentation about a series of events. It uses a map feature to give the slides a geographical location and lets the viewer navigate through the slides by making their way across the map. There is also the ability to add more media to each slide by uploading an image, video link, or background image to add to the presentation.

FINAL PRODUCT: I believe my medium for this project adds to my website because there is a ton of information about cheese that can add a research element to my website that was not emphasized in my blog posts and fourth page. Though I mentioned some history in a few of my blog posts, this project elaborates on this idea and adds a unique component to my website that elevates the theme of my blog. Many of my blog posts are more comical than informational, so this presentation narrows down on the more factual side of my topic